About Us

The Samagri store

The Samagri store is a brother and sister duo vision to bring a holistic platform to cater to all your daily pooja needs, gifting and healing crystals.

Being an ardent believer in the law of attraction of the universe, this platform is to make the users believe and attract the abundance of the universe. Your mind is a magnet; you attract what you believe; once you understand this concept, the magic is all yours.

Speaking about crystals, we want people to experience the magic of crystals in their life. Crystals act as a power hold for healing as they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy.

Crystals serve many purposes in your life: peace, attracting love, abundance and wealth, positivity, reducing mental stress, protection from negative energies, or confidence. The benefits of crystals is numerous. We have experienced it; now it’s your turn.

An open mind is key to obtaining the positive qualities these beautiful stones can offer. Whether it’s the overall good energy you want or specific healing powers, there’s nothing wrong with giving crystals an honest try. Who knows — you might be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to The Samagri store!